HEAT Gives Clients A Chance

08 Nov HEAT Gives Clients A Chance

In our service-oriented industry, it’s sometimes tough to see the results of your work. Utah Community Action’s non-profit partners will understand the term “compassion fatigue” – those of us on the front lines in the fight against poverty often experience secondary stress and trauma from helping those in crisis on a daily basis.

We find the best cure for compassion fatigue is when we hear from our clients how we helped them gain self-sufficiency, stabilize their lives, and find a brighter future. Utah Community Action’s HEAT program focuses on helping individuals and families living in poverty pay their rising utility bills during the colder months. This dedicated team received a heartfelt letter from a client who needs HEAT services this winter. This individual clearly understands and appreciates the work our team does, and it helps us stay motivated to keep working on behalf of our clients and our community.


“Dear HEAT program, 

I hope you know this – thank you so much! Your help gets me thru the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. And I appreciate it. 

My way of thanking you is this – if you are helping me with the higher [utility] bills, the least I can do is pay all the other heat and electric bills thru the year so you will know without a doubt, I don’t let them run up for you to help catch me up. 

And so thanks again. 



P.S. I’ve lived at this address for 4 years, and everything is still coming to me here.”

We assist income-eligible families with services including Adult Education, Case Management & Housing, HEAT, Head Start, Nutrition and Weatherization to help them achieve self-reliance.