What Quality Service Looks Like

08 Aug What Quality Service Looks Like

This account was written by a Weatherization crew member for Utah Community Action. The Weatherization team is made up of energy auditors, case managers and contractors who help our most vulnerable clients create safe, affordable, and comfortable homes. His account reminds us all why we strive to do our best for our clients. There are times when the work is emotionally challenging, as in this case. But Utah Community Action continues to provide quality services because we know the deep impact it can have on the lives of others.


Plumber repairs furnace

“Here is what quality services look like to me.

Utah Community Action’s Weatherization program recently completed work on the home of an elderly gentleman’s who was undergoing radiation treatment to battle colon cancer.  This project came to us as a referral from Salt Lake County’s Green and Healthy Homes Initiative and Habitat for Humanity.

The initial inspection of the home revealed that it was in disrepair from years of deferred maintenance. The roof was leaking, and the carpets throughout were worn and attracting mice, bugs and various other pests. The plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom were leaking into the crawlspace, and the main plumbing line was cracked and draining raw sewage into the crawlspace. This type of work is outside the scope of what the Weatherization program usually tackles, but they decided to work with multiple partners to “braid” funds and resources together. Through this cooperative effort, they were able to complete all of the repairs that the home needed. The team installed a vinyl roof, a new high-efficiency furnace, double pane windows, and vinyl flooring throughout the home. Major plumbing repairs included the replacement of the sewer main in the crawlspace.

When the Utah Community Action Weatherization team first started working with this client, the cancer and the subsequent treatment had taken a major toll on his health. He was spending most of his time sitting in his recliner, too weak to stand. Throughout this project the client was able to regain his strength and the team could slowly see the vitality return to him. After all the work was completed, neither the client nor his home were recognizable. He was a new man with renewed strength, dignity and hope for his future. His home is now worry-free, safe, healthy and more energy-efficient. He is able to focus his energy on renewing his health instead of worrying about repairs to his home.

This project would not have been successful if not for the collaboration of all of the quality services and resources available in our community. And that’s what quality services look like to me”

We assist income-eligible families with services including Adult Education, Case Management & Housing, HEAT, Head Start, Nutrition and Weatherization to help them achieve self-reliance.