Ways You Can Donate

There are so many ways you can give back to your community.

In-kind donations

We're happy to accept new, or like-new items. Items that we need on a regular basis are primarily clothing and other items for children, including blankets, diapers, and more.

Online Donations

You can make a one-time donation online or become a monthly donor! You can choose which program or event you'd like to support, or give to our area of greatest need.


Sponsors play a key role during our fundraising events and support our urgent needs so we can continue to help individuals and families in our community all year-long.

Make Your Impact Go Further

When you donate to Utah Community Action, you’re not donating to one program or fixing one issue. You’re providing holistic support for a family in crisis to get back on their feet and find their way to self-reliance. Each of our programs is like a thread, woven together to act as a safety net for our clients. With your support, we can be there for clients when they need us most. Provide a path forward for an individual or family and donate today.

How We Use Your Donations

Your donations have far-reaching benefits for individuals and families in our community. Here are some of the ways donations will
build brighter futures:

  • $25 will provide literacy materials in Spanish and Arabic for dual language students .

  • $250 will allow for our Food & Resource Centers to open on Saturdays, so working families can access food assistance.

  •  $100 will provide landlord-tenant mediation services to help a household avoid eviction.

  • $25 will improve indoor air quality and reduce health complications like asthma.

  • $50 will support a household with their summer cooling bills.

  • $100 will cover the cost of a GED exam to expand career options for a parent.

    • “You get to provide a service for people who can’t afford it and they’re so grateful to receive it...You also hear so many different stories of what brought them to us. It could be anything from a divorce, to a death in the family, to job loss. It’s heart-wrenching a lot of the time to see what they’ve gone through to come to us.”

      Allen - Weatherization Crew
    • “I am evidence that the Head Start program works. I have been inspired to continue serving others through education. My family has been empowered and motivated to endure through adversity. Our community here in Utah has been, and will continue to be uplifted for the work that each of you do.”

      Sofia Ortega-Flores - Head Start alum and University of Utah graduate
    • “Head Start was our first stop. Enrolling my daughter allowed me to go back to work, which enabled me to regain independence. Amelia has loved going to preschool, and constantly raves about her teachers. The HEAT and Housing programs allowed me to lease an apartment by helping with my first month’s rent and my utilities. They helped me believe I could then take care of myself and my child moving forward. Utah Community Action came into my life at a critical moment. It gave me a safe space, practical help, a sense of community and belonging, and encouragement. I am truly so grateful, and I know I can never repay what was done for me, but look forward to the day I can pay it forward.”

      Paolo Leong - HEAT, Housing and Head Start client

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