Nutrition & Catering

Nutrition for All

The Utah Community Action Nutrition Program, provided in partnership with Head Start, provides nutrition and education through a variety of services designed to positively impact all age ranges within the community. From healthy meals for preschoolers, to emergency food supplies and fresh hot meals for senior citizens, our focus is on health, education, and self-sufficiency.


Central Kitchen

In operation since 2010, UCA’s Central Kitchen is a successful social enterprise serving more than 5,700 meals per day to Head Start children, after-school programs, charter school students, and child care facilities, both during the school year and the summer break. Visit the Central Kitchen program page to learn more.

Food and Resource Centers

UCA Community Food & Resource Centers provide food, referral services, and education to low-income households. Visit the Food & Resource Center program page to learn more.

Sauté Training

Sauté is a 12-week, in-house culinary employment training program offered by Utah Community Action year-round. Students graduate with a ServSafe® certification, fundamental understanding of culinary job skills, and cost-efficient nutrition-planning skills, as well as résumé and interviewing skills. Visit the Sauté program page to learn more.

Sauté Catering

Sauté students and graduates work with UCA’s Central Kitchen to provide catering services for residents and businesses in our communities. Whether you need lunch for a corporate training, a special birthday party, an unforgettable wedding or any event large or small, Sauté Catering has you covered. Visit the Sauté program page to learn more.

Am I Eligible?

The UCA Nutrition programs are all designed to help struggling households, but because each has a more specific purpose and targets a more specific demographic, there is no single standard for eligibility. Check each program page to learn whether you qualify for benefits.