Weatherization is available year-round to qualifying applicants

Cut Home Energy Costs with Weatherization

With the high cost of fuel bills and the limited budgets of many legal residents, the federal government has implemented a program that can cut the amount of energy it takes to heat your home. If you qualify, this program should reduce energy costs and leave extra money in your budget, while also increasing comfort and safety in your home.

Our Services

What Weatherization Is

Utah Community Action’s Weatherization program helps low-income individuals and families reduce energy costs and increase comfort and safety in their homes year-round. Weatherizing a home involves conducting a home inspection and a computerized energy audit, identifying cost-effective energy improvements that can be performed on the dwelling, and then making those improvements if you qualify for the program. The Weatherization program also provides energy education for residents so they may continue using energy efficiently.

These are the four most common improvements performed in home weatherization:

1. Reducing excessive air infiltration.

2. Reducing heat loss through walls, ceiling, floors, doors, and windows.

3. Tuning or otherwise making the heating system more efficient.

4. Reducing the electric base-load consumption.

Examples of typical weatherization repairs: replacing incandescent lighting; repairing windows, doors, and furnaces; carbon monoxide testing; wall, floor, ceiling, and duct insulation.

What Weatherization Is Not

Weatherization is not a remodeling or rehabilitation program. The amount that can be spent on each dwelling is limited, and repairs are made only to improve the energy efficiency of a home, not to improve the home’s capital value.

Examples of typical non-allowable requests: painting; roof repairs; siding replacements; installing storm windows or storm doors (unless shown cost-effective for a specific home).


By income

Homeowners or renters who make 200% or less of the federal poverty level are eligible for services, as long as a computerized energy audit of the residence shows a clear need. Precedence is given to elderly and disabled households, as well as those with children under the age of six.

Weatherization Income Guidelines

By location

Utah Community Action’s Weatherization program serves the following counties: Salt Lake, Tooele, Davis, Weber, and Morgan. For weatherization service in other counties, click here.

Does My Home Qualify?

Weatherization is available for any home that has never been weatherized or was weatherized before September 30, 1994 (based on Department of Energy guidelines). If you move from your house that has been weatherized into a house that has not been weatherized, you may apply again. However, your request will be placed lower on the waiting list so first-time applicants may get service as first-time weatherization clients.

However, if you live in a multifamily building, as per the State of Utah’s Department of Workforce Services, the existing policy prohibits the performance of energy audits being conducted on multifamily buildings with 5 or more units, with the available auditing program.  Weatherization measures must be approved through the use of an energy audit. We are therefore unable to perform weatherization work on your residence at this time. We are working with the State of Utah (DWS) to find tools that will allow us to weatherize residences in these types of structures.
To learn more about the Weatherization Program or speak with an eligibility representative, please call (801) 359-2444.

How to Apply

Follow the instructions below. Please note: We can process your application only if the form is complete and all required documentation is provided. After 30 days, incomplete applications will be denied and the applicant will be required to start over.

If you have questions or need help, please call 801359-2444 or send an email to


1. Complete the application.

Completely fill out the application, ensuring it is accurate and legible.


2. Gather the required documentation.

1. Social security cards OR HEAT approval letter.

Include a copy of each household member’s social security card. This is mandatory, unless you have already been approved for the HEAT program. If you are on the HEAT program, supply a copy of your HEAT approval letter with your application.


2. Bill History Release Authorization (included with application) and copy of utility bill.

Complete and return the Bill History Release Authorization for your utilities. You must also include a copy of your recent monthly bill from Questar, Rocky Mountain Power, or other power company.


3. Declaration and proof of ownership, or owner approval.

Return a copy of your property tax notice, the recorded deed, or the title to your mobile home (if the home is a mobile home. The MH title must be in the name of the applicant).

If the home is a rental home/unit or family owned:

Renters:  Complete and return the Income Property Owner Weatherization Agreement form. This will form will need to be completed by your landlord and “notarized”.

Family owned homes (if you are living in a home owned by a relative and “not” paying rent: Complete and return the Declaration of Ownership form.  This form will need to be completed by the home owner and “notarized”.

If you are unable to print these forms you may call our office at 801-214-3215 to request a printed copy be mailed to you.


4. Verification of income (all earned and unearned income), if NOT on the HEAT program.

You must provide proof of income for all household members 18 or older (for “Definition of Income,” click here). A copy of a paystub or other proof of income for each adult (anyone living in the home over the age of 18). The documents must be from the calendar month before you submit your application (e.g., if you apply in February, you need to prove income for the complete month of January).

If you or any adult household member does not have income each family member will need to complete a Zero Income Statement, have it notarized, and return it with the rest of your application.

If you are unable to print this form you may call our office at 801-214-3215 to request a printed copy be mailed to you.


3. Submit by mail or email

Once finished, use the weatherization checklist (included with the application) to ensure your application is complete. Then mail your application and required documents to the Weatherization office, or email digital copies to the email addresses below.

UCA Weatherization
850 W 1700 S, Suite 1
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Within two weeks after you apply and all documentation is complete and submitted, you should receive a verification letter confirming that your application has been approved.  Please understand that it may be several months or longer before we are able to provide assistance to you. Any items deemed a Crisis service will be processed immediately, but all remaining work will be completed when your name comes to the top of the priority list.

Crisis Services 

Crisis services are available for homeowners with no heat during the winter months. If you need immediate service, please complete the crisis application Crisis Service Call Application and mail the completed applications and requirements to UCA Weatherization, 850 W 1700 S, Suite 1, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104; or email it to We will expedite your request.

Please note: You must be the homeowner and currently on the HEAT program to qualify for crisis service (to apply for HEAT, click here). Also note that HEAT and Weatherization applications must be submitted under the same household member’s name and be a US Citizen.