About Us

Founded in 1965, Utah Community Action is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive services for income-eligible families. Their six core programs—Head Start, Adult Education, Case Management & Housing, Nutrition, HEAT, and Weatherization—address barriers to self-reliance to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities.


    Utah Community Action’s mission is to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities through self-reliance and education programs.


    • APPRECIATION – We recognize and enjoy the positive contributions of others.
    • COMPASSION – We demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being of all.
    • INTEGRITY – We exemplify the highest standards of honesty and accountability.
    • RESPECT – We have admiration for each individual’s unique strengths and perspectives
    • TRUST – We have confidence that the agency and staff will consistently act with the best of intentions.


    Administrative Staff

    Jennifer Godfrey
    Chief Executive Officer

    Gabriella Cubas-Ismaeil
    Assistant Head Start Director
    (801) 410-5718

    Ian Spangenberg
    Chief Auxiliary Officer
    (801) 214-3171

    Patrice Dickson
    Chief Operations Officer
    (801) 214-3138

    Stacy Weight
    Chief Administrative Officer
    (801) 410-5706

    J. Janell Cerva
    Chief Impact and Strategy Officer

    Program Managers

    Matt Ulmer
    Director of Network Operations
    (801) 410-5710

    Brad Myrup
    Director of IT Operations
    (801) 410-5739

    Sahil Oberoi
    Case Management & Housing Director
    (801) 214-3188

    Jackie Drury
    HEAT Manager
    (801) 214-3175

    Aurora Howell
    Head Start Education Manager
    (801) 410-5719

    Victoria Edmonds
    Head Start Special Needs & Mental Health Manager
    (801) 410-5858

    Taylor Skipwith
    ERSEA and Family Partnership Manager
    (801) 410-5659

    Kaleb Call
    Health, Facilities, and Safety Manager
    (801) 214-3196

    Nikki Van Dijk
    Adult Education Coordinator
    (801) 410-5733

    Jenna Seeley
    Accounting Manager
    (801) 214-3114

    Rodney Jenson
    Nutrition Services Accounting Manager
    (801) 214-3146

    Angela Otasua
    Weatherization Manager
    (801) 214-3130

    Board of Trustees

    Public Sector

    Karen Crompton
    Board Member

    Janis Dubno
    Board Member

    Mayor Marcus Stevenson
    Board Member

    John Delaney
    Board Member

    Kelli Meranda
    Board Member

    Wayne Pyle
    Board Member


    Private Sector

    Julie Buchholz

    Stephanie White
    2nd Vice-Chair

    Jake Hawkins

    Rebekah Couper-Noles
    Board Member

    Yolanda Valencia-Price
    Board Member

    Casey Jones
    Board Member

    Low-Income Sector

    Stephanie Russell

    JennaBree Tollestrup
    Head Start Policy Council Chair

    Michelle Stebner
    Head Start Policy Council Chair-Elect

    Dorthy Longshaw
    Board Member

    Kandice Davis
    Board Member

    Bobby Sharp
    Board Member

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