About Us

Founded in 1965, Utah Community Action is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive services for income-eligible families. Their six core programs—Head Start, Adult Education, Case Management & Housing, Nutrition, HEAT, and Weatherization—address barriers to self-reliance to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities.


    Utah Community Action’s mission is to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities through self-reliance and education programs.


    • APPRECIATION – We recognize and enjoy the positive contributions of others.
    • COMPASSION – We demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being of all.
    • INTEGRITY – We exemplify the highest standards of honesty and accountability.
    • RESPECT – We have admiration for each individual’s unique strengths and perspectives
    • TRUST – We have confidence that the agency and staff will consistently act with the best of intentions.


    Administrative Staff

    Jennifer Godfrey
    Chief Executive Officer

    Gabriella Cubas-Ismaeil
    Assistant Head Start Director
    (801) 410-5718

    Ian Spangenberg
    Chief Auxiliary Officer
    (801) 214-3171

    Patrice Dickson
    Chief Operations Officer
    (801) 214-3138

    Stacy Weight
    Chief Administrative Officer
    (801) 410-5706


    Program Managers

    Matt Ulmer
    Director of Network Operations
    (801) 410-5710

    Brad Myrup
    Director of IT Operations
    (801) 410-5739

    Joel Dunn
    Human Resource Director
    (801) 214-3153

    Sahil Oberoi
    Case Management & Housing Director
    (801) 214-3188

    Jackie Drury
    HEAT Manager
    (801) 214-3175

    Aurora Howell
    Head Start Education Manager
    (801) 410-5719

    Victoria Edmonds
    Head Start Special Needs & Mental Health Manager
    (801) 410-5858

    Taylor Skipwith
    ERSEA and Family Partnership Manager
    (801) 410-5659

    Kaleb Call
    Health, Facilities, and Safety Manager
    (801) 214-3196

    Nikki Van Dijk
    Adult Education Coordinator
    (801) 410-5733

    Nathan Breinholt
    Food & Resource Center Manager
    (801) 214-3098

    Jenna Seeley
    Accounting Manager
    (801) 214-3114

    Rodney Jenson
    Nutrition Services Accounting Manager
    (801) 214-3098

    Angela Otasua
    Weatherization Manager
    (801) 214-3130

    Board of Trustees

    Public Sector

    Karen Crompton

    Janis Dubno
    Board Member

    Holly Vantassel-Smith
    Board Member

    John Delaney
    Board Member

    Kelli Meranda
    Board Member

    Private Sector

    Julie Buchholz
    1st Vice-Chair

    Stephanie White
    2nd Vice-Chair

    Jake Hawkins

    Rebekah Couper-Noles
    Board Member

    Yolanda Valencia-Price
    Board Member

    Casey Jones
    Board Member

    Low-Income Sector

    Stephanie Russell

    Alesia Soto
    Head Start Policy Council Chair

    Michelle Stebner
    Head Start Policy Council Chair-Elect

    Dorthy Longshaw
    Board Member

    Kandice Davis
    Board Member

    Bobby Sharp
    Board Member

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