Parent Resources

For additional resources or to be connected with community or agency services, please reach out to your Lead Teacher or Family Advocate. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay connected with program updates.

    The Importance of In Kind

    All Head Start programs need to meet an in-kind donation goal as a part of their funding requirements. This year, UCA Head Start is required to earn $5.5 million dollars in volunteer hours and in-kind donations to continue offering free high-quality education. Parents of Head Start children are ESSENTIAL in helping us achieve this goal. Here are some easy ways you can help your classroom meet its goals:

    • Help in the classroom. Each hour you volunteer counts as $19.88 in-kind donations.
    • Connect at home. Once your child’s Education Readiness Goals are set, find time in your day-to-day life to help your child work on them. This time counts as volunteer hours and helps your child succeed. Make sure you track and turn in the forms to your child’s teacher.
    • Volunteer as a family. All family members over the age of 15 are welcome in the classroom. There are many other opportunities as well. View our volunteer page.
    • For more information on volunteering email Korie Thomas at

    Ready Rosie

    As you know, families play an essential role in the education and well-being of their children. Ready Rosie is a great way to support you in that role. You should have received an email or text from your classroom team inviting you to participate and receive emails or text messages with links to fun, short videos. Videos are available in English and Spanish and there are many videos that have subtitles in Vietnamese and Arabic. There are many topics, including counting, language and literacy, and vocabulary, that you can search through to give you ideas on how to work with your child at home.

    Policy Council

    Policy Council Members

    Executive Committee

    • Executive Chair: JennaBree Tollestrup
    • Executive Vice Chair: Hannah Skeen
    • Executive Secretary: Michaela Velarde

    Community Representatives

    • Community Rep. 1: Laurel Miller Jones
    • Community Rep. 2: Virgina Di Stefano
    • Community Rep. 3: Linda Daniels
    • Community Rep. 4: Paula Scott
    • Community Rep. 5: Sherrie Pace
    • Community Rep. 6: Logan Meyers

    Site Representatives


    • Bingham: Helen Gonzales
    • CCC: Bertha Alvardo
    • CCH: Nathaly Madrid
    • Columbus: Ammara Rashid
    • Creekside: Brittany Wright
    • Escalante: Larissa Padilla
    • Grant: Deimi Lemuz
    • Grantsville: Shaelee Perkins
    • HJS: Karameli Thomas
    • Horizonte: Emily Diaz
    • Kearns Early Childhood Center: Jessica Myers
    • Millcreek: Ashley Beamer
    • Majestic: Brittany Orais-Bonheimer
    • Murray: Morgan Skog
    • Noorda Center: Maria De La Cruz
    • Palmer Court: Melissa Bronson
    • Redwood: Diana Cruz
    • Riley: Maria Cano
    • Shriver: Jessica Celetia
    • SLCC: Penina Valenciano
    • SSL: Brittany Ahlander
    • Terra Linda: Denise Nimtz
    • Tooele: Miranda Organ
    • U of U: Namrata Patel
    • UNP: Dahao (Dylan) Fuller
    • Wendover: Jennifer Carillo Perez

    ECCP Representatives


    • SLCO Central City ECCP: Diocelina Aldanda Artwanduaga
    • Neighborhood House ECCP: Estella Sanchez
    • U of U ECCP: Priya Devan


    Utah Community Action’s Central Kitchen prepares nutritious foods from scratch and delivers meals to children enrolled in Head Start education, both during the school year and in the summertime. These hot, healthy meals deliver at least two-thirds daily nutrition and are made fresh daily.


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